Eurozone successfully avoided deflation


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In the euro zone in March, inflation got out of the negative plane, due to the fact that prices did not show neither growth nor decline. According to the EU statistical office Eurostat inflation in the last month is equal to — 0.0%. Prices in the region do not fall, however, and do not grow, while remaining at a considerable distance from the target 2% level of the ECB. On a monthly basis, consumer prices rose by 1.2%, while the annual — 1%. Core consumer prices, which are indicative figure does not take into account the volatile categories of food and fuel. On the one hand, it is extremely sluggish inflation in the region can be attributed to the collapse of oil. On the other hand, it is difficult to say what will be the final result of the fact that in the past month, Mario Draghi announced a series of new mitigation measures, including a reduction in the basic rate and an increase in the size of the bond buyback program. After all these steps were aimed at the revival of inflation and economic growth in the euro area. Today’s data allow us to hope that the policy of negative interest rates the ECB is beginning to bear fruit.

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