Futures for WTI crude oil rose during the Asian session

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Futures for WTI crude oil with delivery in May traded at the price of 36.85 dollars per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, after rising 2%. Session high was the mark — 36.92 dollars a barrel. WTI had found support at 35.24 dollars and resistance — to 38.56 dollars per barrel. The US dollar index rose by 0.10% and trading at 94.70 USD. Futures for Brent crude with delivery in June rose by 1.66% and reaching 38.50 dollars per barrel. Today at 17:30 MSK will be published data on reserves and production of oil from the US Department of Energy and on this data is going to be oriented traders. Attention is paid to the dynamics of the maximum production volumes in the United States, where volumes are now declining steadily, but not rapidly. Note that the markets are waiting for a meeting of oil countries in Doha, which is scheduled for April 17th. This event is now considered to be the key, so there are many comments and suggestions. Thus, the representative of Kuwait said that production volumes can not be frozen at the level of January 2016, but volumes can be frozen at the level of February. Data and information currently quite controversial, so the movement of quotations can be very stormy.

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