How much managers earned in March

Сколько заработали TIMA управляющие в марте Last month, the following TIMA service strategies showed the best results:

FinlabPetrolium TIMA strategy

TIMA счета Gerchik Co управляющий FinLabPetrolium доходность 135%First off, I would like to say a few words on the profitability of the leader strategy FinlabPetrolium, which placed second in the overall ranking. The maximum sag under this strategy stood at the level of 27.57%, while the overall profitability indicator was 135.31%. the manager’s trading may definitely be characterized as well thought out, professional and based on highly efficient analysis methods, as well as on a serious approach to the issue of risk management. FinlabPetrolium profitability in March: 30,57% Invest now As the foreign exchange market and the dollar react sensitively to every statement on a potential revisions of and hikes in rate, the euro area continues to suffer from terrorist attacks, causing chaotic movements in the euro, China tries its best to keep its economy afloat and the pound is constantly adjusting its movement to the news on further UK membership in the EU, profitability results of the type displayed by the FinlabPetrolium strategy are to be appreciated .

Money-24 TIMA strategy

TIMA счета Gerchik Co управляющий Money 24 доходность 90% No less quality work has been accomplished by the TIMA account manager using the Money-24 strategy. In March, the overall profitability of this strategy reached 92.96%. Under the maximum sag of 6.64%, it can be said that the manager engages in less aggressive trading than others, but that at the same time he/she demonstrates no less impressive results. Money-24 profitability in March: — 16.73% Invest now
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G.A.S. TIMA strategy

TIMA счета Gerchik Co управляющий GAS доходность 150%Another strategy that completes the top troika in the March profitability ranking is G.А.S. Total profitability of the strategy as of the end of March amounted to 149.29%. Most of the trades made by the manager were more than successful, while maximum drawdown did not exceed 26.04%. G.A.Sprofitability in March 3.07% Invest now Despite the fact that market sentiment, along with the state of many countries’ economies, left much to be desired over the past period, this strategy’s efficiency shows that the manager displayed top-notch performance on the tasks assigned to him/her. For a relatively short period of activity, said managers, like no other, made a point out of stable trading and rapid profitability growth rates, which gives reason to believe that investors were not mistaken in their choice. Apparently, profitability of the strategies used by managers is just gaining momentum.

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