USD/TRY Market Outlook for Apr 8, 2016

A daily chart of the pair is provided below. vzglyad-na-ry-nok-para-usd-try-08-04-2016 Starting from the autumn of last year, the quotes have been trading within the framework of a wide range. An attempt by buyers at breaking out of its lower bound a few days before came to nothing. The quotes easily returned and are now trying to generate a bounce. From a technical standpoint, a return of the support level posed by the lower bound of the range, coupled with a breakout of the closest local resistance posed by the 2.8380 mark, can cause further development of the ascent within the sideways channel displayed. A retracement from the current levels to the 2.8380-2.8150 zone will be used for buys. A confident downward breakout of the low showed in the past descent will be the cancellation of this scenario. The analysis above does not constitute direct trading instructions and is of purely informative nature  

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